Only Wolf is Canadian artist Sean Parker. The solitude reflected in his moniker mirrors the personal, contemplative nature of his psych-folk fusion. Only Wolf’s music is both a meditation on transhuman desire and a labyrinth of longing, incanting between pulsating guitar work and electronic drums.

Only Wolf’s droning guitar and downtempo beats put you into an hypnotic state as his vocals evoke the delicacy of Bon Iver’s croons and the atmospheric, electronic folk of Mount Eerie. Each tune pulls you into an echo chamber of introversion, with a slow-moving blanket fog enveloping you into an ambiguous, lucid trip–an impressive reminder of the textures Thom Yorke achieved on The Eraser. As a sound sculptor, Only Wolf moulds smooth synth work, dancing the line of sober and not, never quite allowing the audience to wake up from their trance.