We Want Danger was created out of the purpose to speak about the function and reward in taking redundant risk and speaking to a larger audience about the positive influence and rewards in taking risk which can often be accompanied by failure.


We wanted to create a film that would speak to a larger audience outside of those looking to indulge in adrenaline sports which often are the first association with the word danger and rebrand it within our context of what danger can mean to use and others.


We wanted to show Danger in all its forms and take it away from things that can hurt us physically but more so things that can change us or help us progress. Little things from balancing a cup on our head to social situations.


We Want danger is a 3-minute non-narrative experimental film. voiced by Ali Calladine, with words by Ali and Bray.


Shot within Vancouver By K.Bray Jorstad

Scored by John Castle

The film has been an official selection of 
Art Speak Poland and premiered at the Warsaw Gallery
The Victoria short film Festival
Oasis film festival.